1. No face painting.
  2. No balloon releases.
  3. No clowns or costume characters at any sports venue or games ceremonies. (Characters may appear in Olympic Town only.)
  4. No moon walk tents (where athletes jump inside).
  5. The following prohibited sports and events shall not be a part of any Special Olympics competition event, training, program, clinic, or demonstration:
    • A. Athletics: Javelin, Hammer Throw, Vault, Triple Jump
    • B. Aquatics: Platform Dives
    • C. Gymnastics: Trampoline
    • D. Cross Country Skiing: Biathlon - Nordic Jumping
    • E. All Contact Sports: Martial Arts, Wrestling, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Rugby, and American Football
    • F. Others: Shooting, Fencing
    • G. It is also recommended that the following activities not be allowed at events: horseback riding (except at sanctioned Equestrian competition sites), or any event requiring the operation of some motorized vehicle, i.e., go-cart, motorcycle, motor scooter, three wheeler, car, etc., by an athlete.
    • H.No swimming in the hotel pools.
  6. No alcoholic beverages of any kind permitted at Special Olympics Louisiana activities or events. Volunteers must not drink alcohol while in contact with athletes.
  7. No co-ed overnight housing. There shall be separate housing for male and female athletes.The segregation should be within reason, and as much as possible in separate buildings. If that cannot be accomplished, then separate floors or sections of floors should be utilized so that appropriate monitoring can keep the athletes apart. It is required for any event that requires an overnight stay, that there be dorm monitors that serve from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM. One monitor per floor is recommended; unless the housing unit or dorm/hotel is configured such that more than one floor could be monitored from one location (as is often the situation where motel rooms open to the exterior and can be seen from the parking lot or courtyard).
  8. No 15 passenger vans.
  9. No Rock Climbing Walls.
  10. No Archery.

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